BRAD is Here!

Update: June 7, 2021

BRAD won! 🎉🎉

B.R.A.D was awarded first prize for Social Innovation and the Arts at the 2021 CIJE Innovation Day!

Thank you to everyone who supported and tested BRAD, and to those who believed in us. We could have never done it without you.

What's a BRAD?

B.R.A.D stands for Braille Reader And Decoder.

You may have seen projects that use Braille before, but you've never seen one like this.

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BRAD is:


We designed BRAD to be as lightweight and discrete as possible.


BRAD can speak individual letters or complete words, depending on the context.


Using BRAD is easy. Most people are up and running within 5 minutes.


Although BRAD is currently in the prototype stage, a commercial BRAD would cost no more than $100.


By just playing around with BRAD, you're already learning Braille! The connections between patterns of dots and English letters form in your mind as you use BRAD.


BRAD is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as a USB type C port for charging the large battery.

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